In an effort to develop some Self-Love I have been trying harder to care for myself a bit better. I tend to feel selfish when doing things for myself because there are so many times I am unable to function as a normal person but I’m beginning to understand how important it is to take meaningful and purposeful steps to care for myself.

Over the years I have gotten massages off and on as a way to treat my migraines and manage stress. I would get into a good habit and go fairly regularly for a while then drop it completely for a year or more. This time it’s been about a year that I have been going every month and most months I’d go twice. I make sure to buy a package to help alleviate the stress of the cost since I tend to think of this as a treat. I’m starting to recognize that it is more of a necessity for my mind as well as for the benefit to my migraines.

I’ve toyed with the idea of adding acupuncture since the packages I get can apply to both massage and acupuncture. I’ve tried acupuncture a few times in the past for my migraines but never for general wellness or for stress/anxiety so I wonder if it could help those things. It never worked for the migraines. I’m still on the fence about it.

I started seeing a nutritionist in November which is something I have always wanted to do but couldn’t justify the cost since I thought I could figure out what to eat on my own with the myriad of diet plans out there. I was wrong and finally made the commitment. I have to say that it really has helped my overall wellness now that I have concrete recommendations about what my individual body needs. I would never have made the connections she has and found what kind of eating works for my body. I can feel it when I stray off course. I guess you really are what you eat and I am very thankful to be on a journey now to hone in on my specific needs. I have a ways to go, my body is incredibly stubborn and taking a long time to recover and adjust after all the years of trying every diet under the sun. I am hopeful that over time I will feel more like I’m in a body that works with me and not against me.

Starting in January I embarked on a regular yoga practice. This is another thing I have tried irregularly over the years and always wanted to get serious about. I found a wonderful online teacher that put together a 30 day plan for her followers to do in January. I am following at my own pace and so far I’ve done 19 practices this month and look forward to continuing. I really feel like it is calming and focusing my mind as well as strengthening my body. The key now is to stick with it.

These are the major self-care items I am focused on and I’m trying not to add to the list too fast. I am notorious for wanting to do ALL THE THINGS at once and then end up failing at all of them so I need to focus on a few steps at a time to keep from derailing my progress.

I’d say here’s hoping I can keep it up but hope only gets me so far. I need to rely on my determination to succeed which hasn’t always been there for me but I ain’t getting any younger and all of my struggles this Fall are a clear sign that I need to change if I am to avoid a repeat breakdown in the future.

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